Friday, February 1, 2013


Just checking in.

I've been watching so much Downton Abbey, that now all my thoughts run through my brain in an early 1900's British accent.

Branson? Marry me.

Of course I'd pick the Irish guy.

But Vera Bates is also Irish, and I'd be fine if she just disappeared from the show altogether.

Of course, I'm only five episodes into Season 2, so my concerns may be null to those who are caught up. I wish I was current on the episodes, but I've got like, school and stuff, sooo....

Currently I am watching William dying in his hospital bed, as Daisy tells him that it would be dishonest to marry him.... Suck it up, DAISY. Marry the dude.

And Mary? Stop being so nice. You love Matthew. Let Ms. Swire get out of the picture.


We are pretty darn excited for the Har-Bowl this weekend around these parts. Lots of viewing parties. And lots of celebrations tomorrow. So many birthdays to gather together for recently, and hey, Betsy's even throwing a Groundhogs Day party. Whatever the heck that entails!

Things are well down here. Four weeks have already passed, so the semester is a quarter of the way done.

That is insane.

Well, if you're reading this, I hope you are well, wherever you are. January is over, and February has begun.


PS Lemon Shandy Shocktop? Yum. Get yourself some.

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  1. thanks for the update.
    as far as downton is concerned: just keep going.