Thursday, February 21, 2013

All Over the Place

The other morning in lecture, I wrote the date at the top of a page of notes, and I could not figure out why that date felt so darn familiar. 

I wracked my brain for like 15 minutes trying to figure it out, and it hit me. 

Happy birthday loser high school boyfriend. 

It's been 8 years and I still remember your birthday?

So, needless to say, that was fun. 

In other news...

The past couple weeks have been a riot. 

Taco Tuesdays. 

Logan and Destiny's engagement!

Cops and Robbers party. 

The Cantina's Groundhogs Day party.

A 90's party.  

Brad and Katelyn's engagement day! 

The practice GRE. And another on Sunday. (woopee)

A senior thesis. (again, woopee)

Potty training? (wait, never mind) 

The Bachelor. 

And soaking in the 10 weeks that are left of college. 


At least we're all freaking out together? 

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